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Better Call Saul
Season 3 Episode 6

Runtime: 48 mins

Better Call Saul S3 E6

Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 6

Off Brand

Hector compels Nacho to beat Domingo when his weekly payment is short, disillusioning Nacho. The bar association suspends Jimmy for a year but does not disbar him. As Kim and Jimmy celebrate, Rebecca arrives and asks Jimmy to help her see Chuck, who will not answer his door, but Jimmy refuses. Howard visits Chuck and suggests he end the feud with Jimmy and look to the future, and Chuck agrees. Nacho and Arturo pick up cocaine from Gus's warehouse, and Nacho attempts to take six packages instead of the expected five. Tyrus calls Gus, who orders Tyrus to give it to him. At the end of the call, Gus is revealed to be scouting a commercial laundry with Lydia. Hector wants Nacho's father's upholstery shop as a front for a new smuggling route, to which Nacho objects. Hector is informed that Tuco's sentence will be extended following a prison fight, and suffers an angina attack. He drops a nitroglycerin capsule, which Nacho steals. Jimmy attempts to avoid losing money he prepaid for TV commercials by making on air pitches for other businesses under the alias Saul Goodman.

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