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Breaking Bad

Season 1 Episode 3

Runtime: 48 mins

Breaking Bad S1 E3

Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 3

...And the Bag's in the River

Walt cannot decide whether to kill Krazy-8 or release him. Meanwhile, Marie believes that Walter Jr. is smoking marijuana and asks Hank to scare him straight. Walt brings Krazy-8 food, but he collapses while descending the basement stairs. When he wakes up, he tells Krazy-8 that he has lung cancer--the first person he tells--and they start sharing the unexpected things they have in common. Walt eventually decides to release Krazy-8, but while disposing of the shards of a broken plate he sees that a shard is missing, and realizes that Krazy-8 has concealed it to use as a weapon. When Walt confronts Krazy-8 with this information, Krazy-8 attacks him, and Walt strangles his prisoner with the bicycle lock restraint. That night, Walter tells Skyler that he has something to tell her, and, off-camera, reveals his cancer diagnosis.

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