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Season 2 Episode 12

Runtime: 42 mins

Fringe S2 E12

Fringe Season 2 Episode 12

Johari Window

A child is found by a state trooper who takes him back to the station to find his parents. The child morphs into a deformed creature, and is taken by other deformed people who kill the troopers. The Fringe team investigates, though the disfigured people try to keep the case a secret. Walter remembers an experiment done years ago in the city. The people were deformed in the aftermath of testing done in their town years ago. He discovers that they managed to disguise their deformities via a massive electromagnetic pulse that runs through the town. The pulse causes them to look normal, but only within its range. They will do anything to stay close to it, and attempt to kill Peter and Olivia, who are saved by someone who no longer wants to harm outsiders that discover their secret. The Fringe team decides to keep the town's secret so that the remaining residents can live a normal life.

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