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Season 5 Episode 3

Runtime: 42 mins

Fringe S5 E3

Fringe Season 5 Episode 3

The Recordist

Another tape recovered from the partially ambered lab points to a forest in Pennsylvania. There, Walter, Peter, Olivia and Etta find a hidden camp of human outcasts displaying a mysterious skin infection. Their leader Edwin explains that the group has been recording history since the takeover by the Observers. Inspecting an abandoned mine mentioned on the tape, the team find a shaft, and in it, a corpse showing extreme signs of the skin infection. Walter determines that the condition is caused by the Observers' modification of the Earth's atmosphere; gases in the mine accelerated the process, calcifying the body. Edwin discovers that, sometime in the past, the Observers took away a man, identified only as "Donald," who had retrieved red-colored rocks from the mine for "a scientist from Boston." Walter begins to prepare a protective suit allowing them to recover more rocks. Etta is warned that Observers are on their way to capture the team. The only way to get the materials for the suit is to barter with another refugee camp. Edwin gives Peter and Olivia false directions to that camp while he enters the mine alone to recover the rocks. By the time Walter and Etta discover this, Edwin has brought enough rocks out, while he succumbed to the calcification. The Fringe team escapes with the mineral.

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