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Sex Education
Season 2 Episode 2

Runtime: 50 mins

Sex Education S2 E2

Sex Education
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Sex Education Season 2 Episode 2

Ms Sands and Mr Hendricks have unsuccessful sex. At military school, Adam befriends two of the boys. Otis tries unsuccessfully to get used to Jakob being around. Maeve gets ready for her first day back. Jean is called in to deliver an assembly on sexual health, which ends awkwardly. Maeve attends the aptitude program and finds herself intimidated by others' ambitions. Jackson now has to be tutored since he can no longer swim his way into success, prompting him to look for a new hobby. After research into fingering, Otis finally tries it on Ola and she pretends to enjoy it for his confidence. However, Lily tells him he was terrible. Maeve realizes she still has feelings for Otis after seeing him at the fair with Ola. Eric and Rahim go on the Ferris wheel together; a confused Eric wonders if Rahim is gay and if he is interested in him. Adam walks in on his two friends masturbating each other and, even though he promises not to say anything, they plant marijuana in his bed, leading to his expulsion. He falsely confesses that the drugs were his.

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