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Ariana Grande

7 rings

Ariana Grande shared a preview of the "7 rings" music video on January 14, 2019. The video itself premiered on January 18, 2019 on Grande's YouTube channel. The video features many of Grande's close friends, with whom a shopping trip inspired the song.


The music video was directed by Hannah Lux Davis, who also directed the music videos for Grande's previous singles, "breathin" and "thank u, next".


Billboard magazine called the pink-colored video "sassy", as Grande and her friends flash their diamond rings at a luxurious party in a "mansion that's decked with diamonds, graffiti, and a champagne tower". Digital Journal gave it an A rating, calling it "distinct and remarkable. It is creative and artistic and it will resonate with her fans." The "7 rings" music video earned 23.6 million views in its first 24 hours.

Video Synopsis

The video begins outside a house with many women posing on cars and caressing each other. Then it shows the title saying "7 RINGS" (also stylised as 七つのリング). The song then begins with Ariana Grande outside showing a far shot showing Grande and many other women, which then transitions to Grande in the kitchen with added pink LED lights around her. She is shown wearing jewellery around her neck, ears and some on her hair. She also sports pink hair extensions. The scene then moves to a party that shows Grande and backup dancers dancing, and drinking wine. Afterwards, the next scene depicts Grande in front of a tower of plastic-glass cups that are all filled with water. The scene after shows Grande pouring a wine bottle over them and also showing Grande's real life friends including Alexa Luria and singer/songwriter Victoria Monét (who also contributed songwriting to the track). The next scene then shows Grande laying down on the staircase with Rapunzel-inspired ponytail, also signifying her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson's apartment. While also still showing scenes earlier in the video, a scene also shows Grande pouring a wine bottle over the tower of cups which end up falling down. The next scene involves a Barbie-inspired house showing Grande in a pink latex outfit (similar to Dangerous Woman). It then shows Grande ripping the wallpaper giving availability for her to peek inside. The final change is of Grande in a room with green lights giving resemblance to Wicked. The final scenes are of Grande outside with all her friends and backup dancers including her dog Toulouse. In conclusion it shows Grande saying "My bitches right here" which leads to the ending of the music video.

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