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Breaking Bad

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breaking bad

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El Camino (Film)

Breaking Bad: Plot Summary

Breaking Bad follows protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife (Anna Gunn) and teenage son (RJ Mitte) who has cerebral palsy. White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of two years left to live. With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to secure his family's financial security, White chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world. The series explores how a fatal diagnosis such as White's releases a typical man from the daily concerns and constraints of normal society and follows his transformation from mild family man to a kingpin of the drug trade.


If you are among the few who haven't seen Breaking Bad yet: believe the hype, it really is THAT good. Breaking Bad may not depict reality the way "Generation Kill" or "The Wire" did - but then it's not about that, either. From an artistic point of view - performances, writing, direction, camera, music - this show is every bit as good as the other two mentioned above, but unlike those, "Breaking Bad" just wants to entertain and therefore enjoys a lot more creative freedom.

Is Breaking Bad worth watching?

Yes, Breaking Bad is totally worth watching. It's one of the best shows we have seen and would watch it again without a break. There are many reasons why Breaking Bad is a must watch for anyone who watches TV shows. We can count some of these reasons as follows:


  • Great storyline, screenplay and dialogues.

  • Suspense! You will have no idea what will happen next.

  • Skilled actors! The lead characters are very good actors and make the show as realistic as possible.

  • The thrill of watching such an exciting show. It's a different kind of show. Not like the usual ones.

  • The plot is simple and yet genius.

  • The show was allowed to use the word 'fuck' only once in a season and they made sure that the usage was in the best way possible.

  • It is addictive! Breaking Bad has a huge fan following.

  • The show is rated 9.5 out of 10 points on IMDb.

The Rise of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad's 1st season received generally positive reviews, while the rest of its run received universal acclaim, which would make critics praise it as one of the greatest television series of all time. It had moderate viewership in its first 3 seasons, but the 4th and 5th seasons saw a significant rise in viewership when it was made available on Netflix just before the 4th season premiere. By the time that the series finale aired, it was among the most-watched cable shows on American television. The show received numerous awards, including 16 Primetime Emmy Awards, 8 Satellite Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Peabody Awards, 2 Critics' Choice Awards, and 4 Television Critics Association Awards. Bryan Cranston won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series four times, while Aaron Paul won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series three times; Anna Gunn won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series twice. In 2013, Breaking Bad entered the Guinness World Records as the most critically acclaimed show of all time.

Breaking Bad is one of the greatest television shows ever made. Shocking, horrifying, exhilarating and darkly comic; the story of a dying family man driven to extremes to secure his wife and children’s financial future hit a collective nerve and the show became a worldwide smash.

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