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Alice in Borderland
Full Episodes

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Season 1 (with English subtitles)

Season 1 (with English dubbing)

Season 2 (with English subtitles)

Season 2 (with English dubbing)

Alice in Borderland

Plot Summary

Created by Yoshiki Watabe and Yasuko Kuramitsu, Alice in Borderland is a Japanese thriller sci-fi drama based on the graphic novel (manga) of the same name, by Haro Aso. Season 1 includes 8 episodes of approximately 40 minutes each, in the Japanese language. The title of the series is symbolic of Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, where the center character Alice falls in a rabbit hole and travels to a fantasy world. In Alice in Borderland, the characters emerge in a distant fantasy land called Borderland where the only way to survive is to play games and earn lives. However, there is much more happening in the narrative than stated in a few lines.

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