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Better Call Saul
Season 1 Episode 9

Runtime: 47 mins

Better Call Saul S1 E9

Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 9


Sandpiper Crossing buries Jimmy and Chuck in paperwork, and Chuck convinces Jimmy the case is too big for them, so they bring it to HHM. Howard is eager to take it but makes clear Jimmy will not continue to participate, offering instead a small of counsel fee and a percentage of the settlement or judgment. Jimmy refuses but later discovers Chuck braved his electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms to make a pre-meeting phone call to Howard, in which he asked Howard to prevent Jimmy's participation. Chuck admits he has never regarded Jimmy as a peer, owing to his conman's past and unconventional legal training, also admitting it was he who insisted HHM not hire Jimmy back when he passed the bar exam. Jimmy stops taking care of Chuck and allows HHM to take the case. Mike takes a job as a bodyguard for pharmaceutical employee Daniel Wormald, who sells Nacho stolen pills. Despite Wormald's inexperience and nervousness, Mike ensures the deal goes well, explaining to Wormald that he had investigated Nacho and learned he was conducting the transaction without the knowledge of his bosses, and thus had an incentive to ensure things went smoothly.

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