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Better Call Saul
Season 1 Episode 8

Runtime: 47 mins

Better Call Saul S1 E8

Better Call Saul Season 1 Episode 8


In a flashback to before 2002, Jimmy is working in the HHM mailroom and asks Kim to open his bar exam results; he passed, and she kisses him passionately. Jimmy shows Chuck his results and explains that he studied law at the University of American Samoa via distance learning. Chuck tells Jimmy he is proud of him and there is a party in the mailroom to celebrate, but Howard tells Jimmy that HHM will not hire him as an attorney. In 2002, Jimmy continues to work in elder law. While assisting a resident of the Sandpiper Crossing home with her will, Jimmy discovers that the company overcharges residents for expenses. After speaking to several other residents, Jimmy suspects elder abuse and presents a hastily written demand letter warning Sandpiper against destroying evidence. He is escorted from the facility but can hear the staff shredding documents, so he searches the dumpster and finds the shreds. Jimmy and Chuck put the pieces together and recover an incriminating document. Realizing the potential of the case as a class action lawsuit, Chuck agrees to aid Jimmy. In the excitement, Chuck goes to Jimmy's car for more documents and is shocked to realize he went outside without suffering any electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms.

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