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Better Call Saul
Season 2 Episode 1

Runtime: 47 mins

Better Call Saul S2 E1

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 1


In a flash-forward, "Gene" accidentally locks himself in an Omaha, Nebraska mall's dumpster room, but because of the need to conceal his past he is unable to use the emergency exit, which would summon the authorities. When he is finally let out, he leaves behind the words "SG WAS HERE" carved on the wall. In 2002, Jimmy decides to decline Davis & Main's employment offer and closes down his practice. Kim confronts Jimmy about his odd behavior, but Jimmy is adamant about leaving the practice of law. Instead, he persuades Kim to help him con a stock trader into buying them expensive drinks and food and then paying their tab. Thrilled by the experience, Kim spends the night with Jimmy. Daniel ("Pryce") fires Mike since he believes he no longer needs Mike as a bodyguard. Nacho takes advantage of Mike's absence to obtain Pryce's real name and address. Pryce's house is burgled and he calls the police to report his stolen baseball card collection. The responding officers are suspicious about the nature of the burglary and investigate further, finding an empty hidden compartment behind his couch. After reconsidering the offer to join Davis & Main, Jimmy decides to accept.

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