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Better Call Saul
Season 2 Episode 10

Runtime: 48 mins

Better Call Saul S2 E10

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 10


In a flashback, Chuck and Jimmy are beside their mother's hospital bed and Jimmy leaves to buy sandwiches. Their mother wakes and calls Jimmy's name before dying. Jimmy returns and asks Chuck if their mother awakened or had any last words and Chuck falsely says "no". In 2002, Jimmy rushes into the copy store where Chuck has hit his head, tells the clerk to call an ambulance, and comforts Chuck while waiting. Mike intends to kill Hector with a black market sniper rifle and positions himself on a ridge overlooking the site where Hector and his crew intend to execute Ximinez. Behind him he detects the sound of his car horn and when he investigates he finds a branch wedged against the steering wheel and a note with the word "Don’t" left on his windshield. Chuck tells Jimmy his mistake on Mesa Verde’s paperwork made him question his judgment, so he is retiring. Feeling guilty about deceiving Chuck, Jimmy confesses to tampering with the documents and bribing the copy store clerk. After Jimmy leaves, Chuck unveils a tape recorder he activated prior to Jimmy's arrival.

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