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Better Call Saul
Season 2 Episode 7

Runtime: 42 mins

Better Call Saul S2 E7

Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 7


In a flashback to the early 1970s, ten-year-old Jimmy is working in his family's store when a grifter enters and attempts to con Jimmy's father by claiming to be a needy parent with an emergency. Jimmy does not believe him and tries to warn his father, but his father is more concerned about helping someone who might be in need. When the grifter reveals the con, a disillusioned Jimmy steals money from the store. In 2002, Jimmy represents Mike when Mike claims to the district attorney that the gun in his altercation with Tuco was not Tuco's. Jimmy decides to quit D&M but learns that if he quits, he will have to repay the firm's signing bonus, although his contract allows him to keep it if he is fired without cause. He begins irritating his D&M co-workers and Cliff fires him. Jimmy tries to convince Kim to partner with him in their own law firm. She later suggests they start separate firms, sharing office space and expenses and lending each other support. Mike promises to buy Stacey a new house in a safer neighborhood and begins surveilling Hector's restaurant.

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