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Better Call Saul
Season 3 Episode 4

Runtime: 48 mins

Better Call Saul S3 E4

Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 4


In a flashback, Hector delivers a cash tribute to Don Eladio, but is humiliated when Gus sends a significantly larger tribute via Juan Bolsa. In 2002, Hector demands Gus use his trucks to smuggle Hector's drugs. Gus seems to reluctantly agree, with Hector not realizing this is part of Gus's plan. Gus sends payment to Mike for his disruption of Hector's trucks, but Mike refuses the money. Jimmy hires Mike to pose as a handyman to repair Chuck's door, which is a ruse allowing Mike to photograph the interior of Chuck's house and document his bizarre living conditions. Gus informs Mike that he is interested in hiring him, and Mike says he is willing to consider it. Jimmy, Kim, Howard, Chuck, and the prosecutor meet to finalize Jimmy's confession, with Jimmy agreeing to have it reviewed by the bar association. Afterward, Kim confronts Chuck and tells him she suspects he has a copy of the tape. Chuck confirms it and states that he plans to submit it as evidence at Jimmy's disciplinary hearing. Kim relays the information to Jimmy and reveals that having Chuck admit the existence of the second tape was part of their strategy for defending Jimmy.

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