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Better Call Saul
Season 4 Episode 8

Runtime: 52 mins

Better Call Saul S4 E8

Better Call Saul Season 4 Episode 8


Kim enlists S&C employees in Huell's defense and indicates she'll bury prosecutor Suzanne Ericsen in paperwork. Jimmy takes a bus ride, uses a variety of pens and paper to write supportive mail for Huell, and enlists other passengers to help. The mail is sent with return addresses and postmarks from Coushatta, Louisiana, Huell's hometown. Suzanne investigates, but Jimmy has arranged for a fake church website and pay-as-you-go cellular phones that Jimmy and his TV ad film crew answer. The phony support causes Suzanne to accept a plea that keeps Huell out of jail. Kim is elated, and tells Jimmy she wants to engage in similar behavior again. Mike arranges a strip club outing for Werner and his crew. Kai starts a fight, but the real problem is Werner, who drunkenly discusses underground concrete construction details with strangers. A fully healed Nacho takes prominence in the Salamanca organization and trains Domingo to punish dealers who do not meet their weekly quota. "Lalo" Salamanca arrives to aid in running the business. Unlike Hector, Lalo is interested in everyday details, which concerns Nacho. At home, Nacho keeps a safe with cash and fake Canadian IDs for himself and his father.

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