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Better Call Saul
Season 5 Episode 1

Runtime: 53 mins

Better Call Saul S5 E1

Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 1

Magic Man

In a flash-forward, the taxi driver (Jeff) says he knows about Gene's past. A nervous Gene proceeds to call Ed, "the disappearer", but changes his mind, saying he will handle the problem himself. In 2004, Jimmy tells Kim the "Saul Goodman" alias he used for his cell phone business gives him an instant criminal law client base. Nacho reports rumors that some cocaine Gus provides the Salamancas is inferior, which Lalo confirms. Gus tells Lalo and Juan Bolsa that Werner was building a chiller on the chicken farm under Mike's supervision but fled with stolen cocaine, which Gus replaced with locally acquired meth. Lalo accepts Gus' cover story but remains suspicious. Saul gives away his remaining cell phones to publicize his criminal law practice. Gus shuts down lab construction because of Lalo's suspicions, and Mike sends Werner's crew home. Upset over Gus's lack of compassion for Werner, Mike refuses to accept payment during the downtime. Saul's camera crew helps generate publicity for his practice by faking a confrontation with Deputy District Attorney Oakley. Kim's client refuses a favorable plea bargain. Saul offers to help trick him into accepting. Kim refuses, but after Saul leaves she successfully runs the con herself.

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