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Better Call Saul
Season 6 Episode 12

Runtime: 58 mins

Better Call Saul S6 E12

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 12


In a flashback, Kim meets with Saul to finalize their divorce and has an encounter with Jesse outside his office. In 2010 she gets a call from Gene in Florida at her sprinkler manufacturer job, where she asks him to turn himself in and hangs up when he refuses. Guilt-stricken, she travels to Albuquerque and gives Howard’s wife, Cheryl, a copy of an affidavit she’s supplied to the DA, which lays out her and Jimmy's destruction of Howard's reputation and the circumstances of his death. Afterward, she has an emotional breakdown on the bus. Gene narrowly escapes the cancer-stricken man's house after he wakes up. Jeff is arrested and blamed for the burglary after he panics and runs into another car when a police car idles behind him, forcing Gene to enlist Marion to help him get out on bail. Suspicious, Marion uses the new computer Jeff bought her with the department store money to search for Gene's true identity on Ask Jeeves, and calls the authorities with her Life Alert button when Gene tries to intimidate her, forcing him to flee.

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