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Better Call Saul
Season 6 Episode 13

Runtime: 69 mins

Better Call Saul S6 E13

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 13

Saul Gone

In separate flashbacks, Saul asks Mike and Walter about their regrets; another flashback shows Chuck asking Jimmy whether he ever considered a different path in life. In 2010, Gene is caught and arrested, enlisting former rival Bill Oakley as his co-counsel and negotiating a deal for only seven years in prison, claiming to be a victim of Walt's schemes. He also offers to confess to Howard's death, only to learn that Kim has already done so. Saul is extradited to Albuquerque for his trial and lies about new testimony involving Kim to get her to appear in court. He then admits his full involvement in Walt's empire and Chuck's suicide, and reverts to using the name James McGill; he is given an 86-year sentence. Jimmy is recognized as Saul in prison and enjoys notoriety among his fellow inmates. Kim visits him and the two share a cigarette. As she leaves, Jimmy makes their signature finger-gun gesture at her.

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