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Better Call Saul
Season 6 Episode 7

Runtime: 50 mins

Better Call Saul S6 E7

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 7

Plan and Execution

On the day of the Sandpiper settlement conference, Jimmy and Kim hastily reshoot their photos with the actor impersonating Casimiro, then pass them to Howard's private investigator, who is actually working for them. Howard ingests Caldera's drug upon contact with the photos and embarrasses himself at the conference by appearing manic and falsely accusing Casimiro of accepting a bribe. Howard and Cliff are forced to settle the Sandpiper case for less than they wanted. Lalo surveils Gus's laundry, realizing he has built a hidden meth lab. Calling Hector, he tells Hector he will attack Gus that night after realizing Gus's men monitored his call. Mike alerts Gus and redirects his security teams to protect Gus, leaving Kim and Jimmy’s place unprotected. Howard deduces that Jimmy and Kim plotted his character assassination and confronts them at their apartment. Lalo arrives soon afterward, intending to interrogate Jimmy and Kim. Kim urges Howard to leave, but Lalo kills him with a gunshot to his head.

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