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Black Mirror

Season 5 Episode 1

Runtime: 62 mins

Black Mirror S5 E1

Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 1

Striking Vipers

Danny lives with his wife Theo and son Tyler. His friend Karl introduces him to a virtual reality fighting game called Striking Vipers X, in which he can feel the physical sensations of his character. Danny and Karl play as Lance and Roxette and after their first fight begin kissing. They regularly have sex in the game until Theo confronts Danny about their deteriorating relationship. Danny locks the game up. Several months later, Theo invites Karl around for dinner as a surprise for Danny's birthday, and Karl tells Danny that he has been unable to recreate the sensation felt when having sex with him. The pair have sex in the game again and then kiss in real life, both claiming they didn't feel anything. Karl still wants to continue doing it in the game and they begin arguing and fighting until a passing police officer arrests them. Theo picks Danny up from the police station and presses him to tell her what caused the fight. Later, it is Danny's birthday again and it is revealed he is permitted to have sex with Karl in Striking Vipers X on that day in return for Theo going to a bar and meeting men.

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