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Black Mirror

Season 5 Episode 2

Runtime: 70 mins

Black Mirror S5 E2

Black Mirror Season 5 Episode 2


Chris works as a taxi driver for the app Hitcher. He goes to a group therapy session where a mother talks about her daughter's suicide 18 months ago. He has sex with her and afterwards she makes her daily attempt to access her daughter's Persona account before it locks her out. The next day, Chris picks up Jaden, an employee of social media company Smithereen, and holds him hostage at gunpoint. Police notice suspicious activity and chase the car until Chris swerves to avoid two cycling teenagers and comes to rest in the middle of a field. As more police arrive, Chris gets Jaden to contact people at Smithereen and demands to speak to the CEO, Billy Bauer. Police and Smithereen employees investigate Chris, finding out that his fiancée died in a car crash a few years prior. By lying to Jaden about his gun being fake, Chris works out that the police are listening to him in the car through his phone. He demands to speak to Billy Bauer in the next five minutes, threatening to shoot Jaden otherwise. Despite his employees advising against it, Billy accepts the call. Chris recounts that his fiancée died in a car crash when he was driving and looked at his phone, though the other driver (who also died) was blamed for being drunk at the time. He gets Billy to contact the Persona CEO and give the mother he met her daughter's password. He then attempts to take his own life, but Jaden tries to grab the gun off him. A sniper shoots as the pair grapple over the gun.

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