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Black Mirror
Season 6 Episode 1

Runtime: 58 mins

Black Mirror S6 E1

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 1

Joan Is Awful

Joan, a tech mid-manager, finds that the events of her life are being retold in near-real time by streaming app Streamberry, which has produced a show titled Joan Is Awful starring Salma Hayek. Joan learns from her lawyer that she technically consented to Streamberry's usage of her personal data upon signing the app's terms and conditions, and that the company is using a quantum computer to produce the entire show in CGI based on data collected from their personal devices. Blaming Hayek, Joan rebelliously decides to defecate in a church; Hayek visits her after the act is captured in the show and reveals that she too inadvertently signed more rights over her own image to Streamberry than she previously understood. The two decide to break into Streamberry's offices to destroy the computer, only to learn that they themselves are in a simulated reality, with "Joan" being played by actress Annie Murphy. Joan nevertheless destroys the computer, reverting reality to its source level, where the real Joan is now a young coffee shop owner who, alongside Murphy, is placed on house arrest for breaking into Streamberry's offices and destruction of property.

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