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Black Mirror
Season 6 Episode 2

Runtime: 56 mins

Black Mirror S6 E2

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2

Loch Henry

Couple Davis and Pia, film students, visit Davis's mother Janet in the countryside town of Loch Henry, where they learn about Iain Adair, a notorious serial killer who tortured tourists. Pia proposes making a true crime documentary about Adair instead of their initial film about eggs, aiming to bring some attention and business back to the town. During the shooting, they find out that old VCR tapes of the TV series Bergerac stored by Janet were actually disguising footage of Adair's crimes, revealing Adair to in fact be the accomplice of Davis' parents. Pia discovers the evidence of Janet's involvement and tries to escape, but suffers a fatal fall while crossing a river. Janet, fearing exposure, leaves the VCR tapes for Davis with a note and commits suicide. Years later, the documentary is successfully released on Streamberry, winning a BAFTA. This delights the town, but traumatizes Davis, who after the ceremony, alone in a hotel room, re-reads his mother's suicide note: "For your film. Mum".

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