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Black Mirror
Season 6 Episode 3

Runtime: 80 mins

Black Mirror S6 E3

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 3

Beyond the Sea

In an alternate-history 1969, astronauts Cliff and David have embarked on a six-year deep space mission, during which they inhabit mechanical replicas of their bodies on Earth to spend time with their wives and children. David becomes trapped aboard the ship when his replica, along with his family, are murdered by a cult, and he becomes reclusive and catatonic. Cliff and his wife Lana decide to let David return to Earth in Cliff's replica body; David finds the experience therapeutic, but he quickly becomes attracted to Lana, who rejects his advances and wants his visits to stop after he hits their son for defacing his painting of Cliff's family home. Cliff discovers David's nude drawings of Lana; both deny having an affair but assert that Cliff does not appreciate his family enough. Cliff tells David that Lana is disgusted by him and bars him from using his replica; David sends Cliff on an emergency spacewalk repair and uses his tag to return to Earth and murder Cliff's family. A horrified Cliff returns to the ship, where David is waiting for him and offers him a seat.

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