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Black Mirror
Season 6 Episode 4

Runtime: 42 mins

Black Mirror S6 E4

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 4

Mazey Day

In the mid-2000s, Bo, an amoral paparazzi photographer, drives a television actor to suicide after selling photos of the star and his secret male lover to a magazine. Feeling guilty for the scandal, she decides to quit selling photos. Weeks later while working at a new, low-paying job, Bo is offered $30,000 if she can get photos of actress Mazey Day, who went missing after a hit-and-run incident in the Czech Republic. The paparazzi ultimately find the actress at a remote "rehab" facility and discover that she was bitten by a werewolf; she is hiding out of fear of hurting other people. The paparazzi break into Day's room and begin taking invasive photos of her as she starts transforming into a werewolf herself. Day attacks several paparazzi before chasing two to a local diner. Day briefly turns back to a human and begs Bo to kill her, but Bo instead encourages the actress to do it herself. Day then kills herself as Bo stands over her, shamelessly taking a photo of her committing suicide.

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