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Black Mirror
Season 6 Episode 5

Runtime: 74 mins

Black Mirror S6 E5

Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 5

Demon 79

"Demon 79" is set in 1979 and referred to in the opening credits as a "Red Mirror" episode. Nida is a sales assistant at a department store and faces discrimination and racism from her coworkers and boss. In the store's basement, she discovers a talisman that unleashes a demon-in-training named Gaap. Gaap, dressed as the lead singer of Boney M, tells Nida to kill three people in the next few days to prevent the threat of a nuclear apocalypse. She is coerced into killing a bystander when Gaap reveals he sexually assaults his daughter. The next night, she continues on the spree nonetheless, killing a man found guilty of murdering his wife, then murdering the man's brother when he stumbles on the scene. She then turns her target to Michael Smart, a far-right Conservative politician. She runs him off the road but is apprehended by police before she can kill him and is arrested. While alone in the interrogation room, Gaap persuades her to join him in damnation together, which she accepts, while nuclear missiles land and detonate the world.

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