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Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 2

Runtime: 48 mins

Breaking Bad S2 E2

Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 2


Tuco takes Walt and Jesse at gunpoint to a remote desert hideout, where he takes care of his sick uncle, a former drug kingpin who is now incapacitated due to a stroke and can only communicate with a bell. Tuco explains that Hank and the DEA have rolled his entire organization and believes Gonzo has ratted him out (unaware of his death). Tuco now intends to take Walt and Jesse to Mexico, where they will cook meth for him 24/7. Desperate, Walt attempts to poison Tuco, but Tuco's uncle disrupts his plan. Enraged, Tuco attacks and attempts to kill Jesse, but Jesse manages to wound him and escape with Walt. Meanwhile, Skyler is worried over Walt's disappearance and, after Hank reveals his suspicion that Walt has a second cell phone, remembers that Jesse had been supplying Walt with marijuana. Hank tracks Jesse to Tuco's hideout and gets into a shootout with Tuco, whom he kills in self-defense.

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