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Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 3

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S2 E3

Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 3

Bit by a Dead Bee

Walt and Jesse have to get back home and explain their disappearances; Walt forms a plan, and they split up. Alone, Walt goes to a supermarket, removes his clothes, and wanders around the aisles, feigning a disoriented state. He is hospitalized and claims to have no memory of where he has been for the past few days. Jesse, meanwhile returns to his house and, with Badger's help, packs all of his lab equipment into the RV and arranges it to be towed away. He then allows the DEA to find him in a motel room with a prostitute, with whom he claims to have been shacked up all weekend. Hank does not believe him and brings in Tuco's uncle to identify him, but the old man refuses to cooperate with the authorities. Jesse is freed, but the DEA confiscates all of his money.

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