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Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 5

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S2 E5

Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 5


Walt continues his treatment and his condition improves, but he is concerned by the growing medical bills. Jesse begins to re-establish himself, paying off his debts and getting a new place to live. He develops an interest in his new next-door neighbor and landlord, Jane Margolis. Walt and Jesse resume cooking. Jesse is not keen on selling on the street and suggests he and Walt take over Tuco's role as a distributor; he recruits his friends Badger, Skinny Pete, and Combo as dealers. Hank and the DEA come across the name Heisenberg, but are not sure if he is real or just an urban legend; Hank is promoted and appointed to a tristate drug task force. Skinny Pete is ripped off by a drug-addicted couple, and Walt tells Jesse that unless he does something about it, word will get around that Jesse and his crew are easy marks.

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