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Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 2

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S3 E2

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 2

Caballo sin Nombre

Walt is having difficulty adjusting to his new life. He has an encounter with a police officer but manages to avoid charges, thanks to brother-in-law Hank's intervention. Skyler will not let him return home, and Walt, Jr. is having trouble understanding why his mother is acting this way. Walt's sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman wants him to start producing meth again and takes steps to encourage him in that direction. Unbeknownst to Walt, the Mexicans, revealed to be Tuco's cousins, discover where he lives. Jesse, meanwhile, stops by his old house and discovers that his parents have had it renovated and have put it up for sale. Relations are still cool between them, but Jesse approaches Saul to buy the house from his parents. The Mexicans arrive at Walt's home to kill him, but are called off at the last minute by Gus.

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