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Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 13

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S3 E13

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 13

Full Measure

After killing the drug dealers, Walt has a tense meeting with Gus, who makes it clear that his patience has reached its limit. Walt professes not to know the whereabouts of Jesse, who, he falsely claims, has fled the state. Gus chooses Walt's new assistant, who turns out to be Gale. In a meeting with Gale, Gus says that with his overhead he cannot afford to lose even a week's production. Walt realizes Gus intends to replace him with Gale, the only other trained chemist, and that he will be killed once Gale masters Walt's procedure. After he is abducted by Gus's men, Walt calls Jesse and orders him to murder Gale, knowing that Gus will have to keep him (and by extension Jesse) alive once he is the only trained chemist left. Victor races to Gale's apartment to stop this, but Jesse arrives first and, after some hesitation, pulls his gun on Gale and fires.

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