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Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 4

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S3 E4

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 4

Green Light

Jesse gives meth to a cashier in exchange for gasoline. Meanwhile, Walt makes a scene at Skyler’s workplace while confronting Ted, but Mike removes Walt before police can arrive. Saul tries to convince Walt to continue producing meth, but Walt refuses the offer and loses Saul’s help laundering money. Walt loses his job and is met by Jesse, who has produced a new batch of meth, following Walt's recipe. Walt rejects Jesse's product as substandard, and Jesse resolves to sell the product to Gus himself. Gus reluctantly agrees to the purchase, anticipating that Walt’s pride and financial need will convince him to accept his business proposition. Jesse makes the sale but receives only half the payment, while the second half is delivered to Walt. Meanwhile, Skyler continues her affair with Ted, and Hank forgoes his transfer to El Paso in order to pursue a new lead in the Heisenberg case, having found footage of Jesse's RV at the gas station.

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