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Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 5

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S3 E5

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 5


Walt correctly deduces that Gus tried to lure him back into the business by giving him half of Jesse's sale, but still refuses to accept. Gus tries to convince him for a last time with a high-tech superlab. Meanwhile, Hank continues investigating the R.V. and has an argument with Marie, who is concerned for his wellbeing and worries that he might be hiding something from her. Marie confides in Skyler, which in turn makes her doubt her new relationship with Ted. Moreover, she reconsiders Walt's drug money and starts realizing that she might want to patch up things up. In the end, though, Skyler comes home to find the divorce contract signed by Walt, and all his belongings gone, including the money. At Saul's office, Walt gives the money to Jesse but reveals that he has decided to cook again, angering Jesse but exciting Saul. Hank finds a link between the R.V. and Jesse when he discovers it had belonged to Combo's mother.

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