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Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 13

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S2 E13

Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 13


Jesse awakens, discovers Jane is dead, and reaches out to Walt. Walt contacts Saul, who sends his private investigator and cleaner Mike (Jonathan Banks) to conceal Jesse's involvement in Jane's death. Jesse is distraught and flees. Walter locates him in a crack house and takes him to rehab. Walt's funds are funneled into his son's website, which attracts the attention of the media, causing him to be overcome with guilt. Walt's secretive behavior becomes a problem once again when he accidentally references a second cell phone while under the initial effects of anesthesia moments before his surgery. This prompts Skyler to investigate deeper, thereby revealing many of Walt's lies, which spurs her to leave him. Jane's father, an air traffic controller, distraught from his daughter's death (which Walt deliberately refused to prevent), allows a mid-air collision to occur between two airliners in the sky above Albuquerque, resulting in debris, including a scorched pink teddy bear and human remains raining down onto the Whites' residence, as well as much of the city.

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