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Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 3

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S3 E3

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 3


Walt moves back into the house and tells Skyler he has no intention of leaving. Walter, Jr. is thrilled that his dad is back, but Skyler calls the police in an attempt to have Walt thrown out. The police cannot intervene, however, and she stops short of revealing Walt's illegal activities. Jesse is still having trouble coming to terms with Jane's death, but has moved back into his house. Unbeknownst to Walter, Gus arranges a meeting with his Mexican cartel counterparts (including Tuco's cousins and uncle), and makes it clear that he wants Walt left alone. Hank, after finding out he is going to be transferred back to El Paso, lashes out in a bar. Walt explains to Skyler that he committed all of his illegal activities for the sake of the family, and begs her to accept the drug money. Later, Skyler seduces her boss Ted, and that night, she coolly informs Walt of her infidelity.

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