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Breaking Bad

Season 3 Episode 6

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S3 E6

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 6


Walt settles into a new apartment and takes a liking to his new, well-qualified lab assistant, Gale. In the wake of the divorce, Walt, Jr. wants answers about his parents' relationship. Walt realizes that Hank has discovered Jesse's link to the R.V. and orders it destroyed. When Jesse angrily arrives, Hank follows him and corners them inside the R.V. (though he is unaware of Walt's presence). They avoid capture by drawing Hank away with Saul's assistance, who has his secretary call Hank and claim that Marie was in an accident. Hank realizes the ruse only when he goes to the hospital, and Walt and Jesse nostalgically watch as the R.V. is destroyed. Gus, seeing that Tuco's two cousins definitely intend to kill Walt and cannot be held at bay for long, successfully turns their attention instead to Hank.

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