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Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 16

Runtime: 55 mins

Breaking Bad S5 E16

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 16


Walt locates Gretchen and Elliott and gives them over $9 million to give to Walt, Jr. when he turns 18, threatening that he has hired hitmen who will kill them should they fail to do so. He then crashes a meeting between Lydia and Todd, putting the ricin in Lydia's stevia. He travels to Skyler's new apartment and admits he continued his pursuits in meth production for his own satisfaction and ego, rather than for the benefit of his family as he had always asserted. He then drives to the Aryan Brotherhood's headquarters with the M60 machine gun which he has jury rigged in the trunk. When Jack brings Jesse in from cooking to show him to Walter, Walt tackles Jesse to the ground and triggers the M60, which mortally wounds Walt and kills everyone else, except for Todd, whom Jesse strangles to death, and Jack, whom Walt shoots in the head. Jesse refuses to shoot Walt, though Walt asks him to. When Lydia calls Todd, Walt answers and informs her within earshot of Jesse about the poisoned stevia. Jesse escapes in Todd's car, crying in joy. As he succumbs to his gunshot wound, Walt spends his last moments gazing around the meth lab before suddenly collapsing and dying. The police find his body in the lab moments later.

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