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Breaking Bad

Season 1 Episode 6

Runtime: 48 mins

Breaking Bad S1 E6

Breaking Bad Season 1 Episode 6

Crazy Handful of Nothin'

Walt and Jesse come to an agreement in which Walt will cook the meth while Jesse sells it. Jesse soon discovers Walt's motivation for their collaboration. Meanwhile, Hank ties a recovered respirator to Walt's high school's chemistry lab and investigates further. After discovering the start of hair loss, Walt shaves his head. Skyler has a baby shower at which Marie gives her a diamond tiara for the baby. When their initial batch of meth only yields $2,600, Walt demands that Jesse find a new distributor, so they can sell on a larger scale and make more money. Jesse gets connected to Tuco, the drug dealer who replaced Krazy-8, but when Jesse goes to make a deal, Tuco severely beats him and steals the meth. Walt then visits, causes an explosion in Tuco's hideout, and gets their money; Tuco decides to deal with Walt.

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