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Breaking Bad

Season 2 Episode 1

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S2 E1

Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 1

Seven Thirty-Seven

No-Doze dies from the beating Tuco inflicted on him, and Gonzo leaves to hide the body. Walt and Jesse are horrified by Tuco's violent outbursts, as well as the mysterious appearance of an ominous black SUV. Jesse resolves to shoot Tuco, but Walt has a more surreptitious plan involving poisoning him with ricin, thus leaving their hands clean. Hank reviews the security surveillance footage of the warehouse break-in without realizing he is watching Walt and Jesse, though he can tell they are inexperienced thieves. Investigating the junkyard, he finds Gonzo dead from a botched attempt to hide No-Doze's body. Skyler tells Hank about Marie's shoplifting, and learns she has already been receiving therapy for kleptomania. Jesse and Walt's fears come true as Tuco kidnaps them.

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