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Breaking Bad

Season 4 Episode 5

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S4 E5

Breaking Bad Season 4 Episode 5


Mike takes Jesse on collections, and assures Walt that he is safe. During the last collection, a man appears with a shotgun, and Jesse thwarts the robbery attempt; later, Gus and Mike discuss the day and it is revealed that the "robbery" was set up by Gus. Walt and Skyler purchase the car wash, after which Skyler asks Walt to move back into the house. When Hank suggests at a family dinner that Gale was a genius, an intoxicated Walt lets his ego get the better of him, and he tells Hank that he believes Gale most likely copied someone else's work, and that Hank's "genius" is still at large. The next day, Hank dives back into the case with renewed vigor, and discovers a Pollos Hermanos napkin amongst Gale's possessions.

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