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Breaking Bad

Season 5 Episode 14

Runtime: 47 mins

Breaking Bad S5 E14

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 14


Jack and his team remain unscathed while Agent Gomez lies dead and Hank has been shot in the thigh. Walt begs Jack not to kill Hank, offering Jack $80 million in cash in exchange for Hank's life. Nonetheless, Jack executes Hank and his men dig up all seven barrels, leaving one for Walt. At Todd's suggestion, they take Jesse as a hostage in order to get information from him about how much he told the DEA. As Jesse is taken away, Walt tells him that he watched Jane die. Marie tells Skyler that Hank has Walt in custody, and Skyler agrees to tell the truth to Walt, Jr. When they return home, they find Walt packing and insisting the family leave immediately. Skyler suspiciously asks Walt where Hank is, but he doesn't answer. She immediately knows that Hank is dead but, instead of calling the police on him, she attacks him with a knife. Skyler and Walt fight over the weapon, with Walt, Jr. defending his mother and eventually calling the police on his father. Walt escapes with Holly. After taking full responsibility for the meth business during a call to Skyler that is monitored by the police, he leaves Holly at a fire station and assumes a new identity through Saul's contact. After being beaten and tortured for information, Jesse is forced by Todd to help him cook meth when he sees a picture of Andrea and Brock in the lab.

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