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Freaks (2019)

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Runtime: 1h 44min

Genre: Science-Fiction, Thriller

Plot Summary

Chloe's father prevents her from leaving her dilapidated house or from even looking outside their boarded-up windows. It's not clear at first if there are actually dangers outside, as "Dad" believes, or if there is something psychologically wrong with him.


Chloe craves being a normal girl. She can hear the haunting music of an ice cream truck outside, and one day she catches a glimpse of a creepy ice cream truck with a hand printed "Mr. Snowcone" sign. When she eventually builds up the courage to defy her father and escape the house, she climbs onto the truck with Mr. Snowcone and into an adventure filled with hope, fear, and violence. At first, Mr. Snowcone appears to be dangerous, perhaps a child molester, but when he takes her to the park and on the swings, a policeman questions them. Chloe, merely by telling the officer repeatedly to go away, makes him actually do that, hinting at her powers. He gives her a powder to put in her dad's drink, he says to make him sleep, but that's unclear.


When Chloe goes into her private closet, she often sees her mom and the little girl who lives across the street. It's unclear as to if these are real or her daydreams. When she tries to slip her dad the drink, he grows suspicious and chases her. She tries to escape the house and commands him to go to sleep, which he does. Meeting up with Mr. Snowcone Man, he dresses as a priest to take her to meet a woman who works at the government agency charged with capturing "freaks". When Chloe has a meltdown, they dash into the kitchen and disappear before the woman and the police can find them. Leaving the diner and driving away, she forces him, again via her voice, to take her home. At home, her dad confronts both of them. It's clear they all have powers, and it's revealed that Snowcone man is her grandfather and dad's father-in-law.


Dad decides to hide and takes Chloe and a stack of money to the neighbors, and asks them to take her in. Their daughter recognizes Chloe from her "haunting" her and doesn't want her. Chloe uses her power to make the mom and dad say they love her, but when the mom realizes what she's done, she throws them out and calls the police. Back at their house, Chloe does a remote viewing, another of her powers, and shows them her mom. She's in a military facility about to be killed, and Chloe uses another power - she can control people - to make the scientist kill himself and takes possession of the guard. Together, they try to get her mom outside - the only place she can use her power. Meanwhile, the woman from the diner shows up and confronts the father. He tries to stall her as long as possible to give Chloe time. Grandpa, who can make himself invisible, grabs the woman's gun. As they struggle, she shoots the dad, despite him slowing time - another of his powers, shoots Grandpa as he protect Chloe, and then Chloe makes her shoot herself. As mom gets outside and flies off, the authorities launch a missile at the house. Mortally wounded, he slows time as much as he can and carries Chloe out the back door as the missile hits. Later, as she sobs over her father's body, mom arrives and carries her off, and it ends with them flying away to a new life.

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