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Season 1 Episode 1

Runtime: 81 mins

Fringe S1 E1

Fringe Season 1 Episode 1


An international flight lands at Boston's Logan Airport, its crew and passengers dead from a mysterious flesh-dissolving protein. When Special Agent Olivia Dunham's partner, John Scott, is critically injured by the precursor chemicals of the same toxin, she recruits Dr. Walter Bishop, a mentally unstable biochemist, and his estranged son, Peter, to help her save John's life. They discover a cure for John's condition, but learn that the chemical attack was but an experiment, and part of a larger mystery called "The Pattern." Her partner is found to be responsible for funding the creation of the toxin, but is killed while trying to escape. At the end, John's body is delivered to Massive Dynamic to be questioned through a shared dreamscape.

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