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Season 1 Episode 14

Runtime: 50 mins

Fringe S1 E14

Fringe Season 1 Episode 14


Following his escape from a German prison, Dr. David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) turns himself in to the FBI, having begun to suffer side effects of the teleportation in "Safe." Walter mentions that the teleportation side effects won't kill Jones but will do something terrible to him. As insurance, Jones has developed an adhesive which causes the orifices of those exposed to it to seal up, suffocating them. A bomb containing the toxin is set to go off if Olivia cannot pass his tests. The first test is to shut off a series of lights using only her mind. Jones says this is possible due to a nootropic drug present in Olivia, one designed by William Bell and patented by Massive Dynamic. The team discovers a manuscript, which explains the letters ZFT (Zerstörung durch Fortschritte der Technologie, "Destruction by Advancement of Technology"), which is essentially a Bible to Jones and his followers. According to the manuscript, there is a conflict going on between our world and a parallel universe. Jones wants Olivia as a "recruit" and the tests are a part of the selection process. Initially, Olivia believes Jones is playing mind games with her and refuses to cooperate, but when she is forced to disarm the bomb in the same manner as the test, she succeeds. Jones is taken to a hospital for further observation. However when Olivia arrives there the staff are in a panic and Jones has disappeared leaving a gaping hole in an external wall. Later, Olivia gets confirmation from Nina Sharp that she was indeed injected with the chemical as a child. At the end of the episode, Walter finds the offset letter 'y' in the ZFT document occurs on the typewriter in the lab, strongly indicating that either Walter or Bell was the author of the manifesto.

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