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Season 2 Episode 18

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S2 E18

Fringe Season 2 Episode 18

White Tulip

MIT astrophysics professor Alistair Peck (Peter Weller) is experimenting on his own body to convert himself into a time machine to travel back in time to save his fiancée, who was killed in a car accident several months before. He travels back to a train; this causes the train, and the passengers, to be drained of power. When Fringe Division fails to stop him, he goes back in time again. The second time, Walter volunteers to try to stop him alone. During their meeting, Walter shares his belief that ever since he took Peter from the parallel universe, God may be punishing him. Walter says he is looking for forgiveness in the form of a white tulip. After Peck escapes, he is able to accomplish traveling back to his fiancée and reunites with her, before they both die in the car crash. The events before Peck's escape never took place, but Walter is seen writing a letter to Peter about his origins; however, he later burns it upon finishing. In the end, he receives a letter from Peck which contains a simple drawing of a white tulip, telling Walter to forgive himself.

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