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Season 2 Episode 19

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S2 E19

Fringe Season 2 Episode 19

The Man from the Other Side

Olivia and the team investigate the deaths of two teenagers displaying wounds that are trademarks of the shapeshifters, and discover an embryo, which is revealed to be a growing shapeshifter. Newton is planning to set up a series of beacons in different locations to open a portal to the parallel universe. Fringe Division eventually discovers the portal is going to open on a derelict bridge. Peter manages to set up a wave cancellation device to close the portal, despite the likelihood it could kill him; he is knocked out by the closing. After waking up a day later, he realizes that he saw a man from the other side that seems to be immune to the effects, and since he too was immune, he realizes he is from the parallel universe, and is angry at Walter for stealing him. In the end, Olivia reveals to Walter that Peter has checked himself out of the hospital and is gone.

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