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Season 2 Episode 2

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S2 E2

Fringe Season 2 Episode 2

Night of Desirable Objects

Fringe Division investigates a missing road worker who was pulled to a tunnel filled with the remains of six other people who disappeared suddenly. Meanwhile Olivia, now released from the hospital, begins to develop super-hearing, and Nina Sharp advises her to meet Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan), a man who can begin to help with the side-effects. The investigation leads to nearby resident Andre Hughes (John Savage), who lost his wife and baby in childbirth. When the bodies are exhumed, they find the baby casket empty. Walter then learns that Hughes genetically altered the baby by incorporating mole and scorpion DNA. When Olivia and Peter enter the basement of the Hughes family house, they are attacked by the now adult baby, but the tunnel collapses, causing a police car to crush the hybrid.

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