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Season 2 Episode 23

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S2 E23

Fringe Season 2 Episode 23

Over There (Part 2)

William Bell and Olivia rescue Walter from the hospital. Walternate falsely tells Peter that the machine can help heal the other world. Peter meets Fauxlivia, who drives him to his new apartment. Walter and Bell go to Harvard to collect equipment needed to return home. Olivia confronts Fauxlivia, knocks her unconscious and poses as her. Peter discovers the machine is symbiotic and needs him in particular to control it. A disguised Olivia and an oblivious Alter-Charlie go to collect Peter to move him for his own safety. Olivia knocks out Alter-Charlie and reveals herself to Peter, telling them the machine's real purpose and Walternate's intentions. Peter states he doesn't belong in either world. Olivia reveals her feelings for Peter, convincing him to leave with her. They race to meet with Walter and Bell at the Opera House, but Fauxlivia and Fringe commandos catch up with them. Bell and Olivia hold them off while Peter and Walter set up the dimensional device to return home. Without power for the device, Bell sacrifices himself to create a nuclear reaction using his body's unstable molecular state. Olivia, Walter, and Peter return home successfully. Peter tells Walter he'll never understand him, but forgives him because he has travelled twice to another universe to save his life. Olivia goes to await orders and is revealed to be Fauxlivia infiltrating our side. The Olivia from our world is seen in a military detention center on the other side. Walternate visits her, staring at her before leaving her in solitary confinement.

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