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Season 2 Episode 8

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S2 E8

Fringe Season 2 Episode 8


An Observer, "August" (Peter Woodward) abducts a woman in Boston who is meant to take a flight which will crash, killing everyone on board. Knowing of "August's" actions, the other Observers send an assassin (Paul Rae) to kill the girl. "August" arranges a meeting with Walter, who tells him that the girl can be saved if she becomes important. When the assassin arrives at the girl's location, Peter and Olivia kill him, though "August" is mortally wounded in the process. The original Observer, "September" (Michael Cerveris) informs "August" the girl is now important, having been responsible for the death of an Observer. A scientist from Massive Dynamic researches the Observers, and reveals they have been around throughout history, hypothesizing that they are time travelers who appear to observe important historical events. In the end, two Observers remark that everything is about to get worse for Olivia.

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