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Season 3 Episode 12

Runtime: 43 mins

Fringe S3 E12

Fringe Season 3 Episode 12

Concentrate and Ask Again

A biological attack leaves a man dead, with no bones in his body. Fearing the start of a larger incident, the Fringe team track one culprit but he is hit by a car and falls into a coma. Walter suggests using Simon, an undocumented Cortexiphan patient with uncontrollable telepathic abilities, to read his mind to identify other targets. Olivia is able to coax Simon to help when he discovers he cannot read her mind as a fellow Cortexiphan patient. Simon helps to track down and stop two other ex-enlisted men who were part of "Project Jellyfish", which involved being exposed to a biological agent that would disintegrate skeletons; though the men were immune, their children were stillborn due to the agent. The men are seeking revenge. After completing the case, Simon gives Olivia a note revealing Peter's thoughts are still with Fauxlivia. Meanwhile, Nina Sharp has discovered that Sam Weiss is the author of several books of the First People. Sam tells Nina that Peter's disposition towards Olivia or Fauxlivia will determine which universe will survive when the machine is activated.

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